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New Service for Councils Annual Asset Register Bridge Checks

Just launched, a new service offering certification of all pedestrian and cyclist footbridges for Council's Asset Register. A yearly certification (and quote for service and repairs where necessary) is available for peace of mind and to meet safety standards for Councils. An example would be an inspection of the condition of handrails and balustrades by our designer/ engineers to ensure vandalism or fire or flooding issues have not compromised the integrity of the structure. (Note that a Robinson Bridge is designed to go under water again and again, but other designs may not fare so well.)

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Engineers Drawings and Certification with every bridge module supplied

Since the Robinson pre-fabricated bridges with frangible handrails were released and patented in early 2008; enquiries have come from near and far, as Councils  look for a strong, aesthetically - appealing pedestrian bridge option that meets all AS standards and can be transported for easy erection on site. That each comes with Engineer's Certification is being welcomed over the untimely and expensive option of individual design. A Robinson bridge also has the advantage of low maintenance, and made only from sustainable products.

Multiple width and length bridge modules now available through Robinson Bridges

We now have standard certified designs for 7.5, 9.8  and 12.2m modules with 2m and 3metre widths to allow for dual walkway - pedestrian and cyclists. These modules can be bolted together to give a range of lengths. The Headstocks are built in and the steel is fully galvanised. We can build specific sizes up to 15m but the timing and additional design costs may become an issue. Just ask us about your specific need!

Foundations - cheaper than concrete and steel; less disturbance to natural ground

We are commonly asked about installation - we have used successfully  two 350mm diameter CCA treated builder piles in a 6m deep bore hole. The top of the piles are rebated and the headstocks on the modules bolted directly to them. This is cheaper than concrete and steel foundations and they disturb the natural ground far less. Even better -  The cost of the module includes the cost of foundation design .

3 Metre Width Bridges.

In response to your feedback, we’ve added a new 3 metre width module to the range of Robinson pre-fabricated, engineer certified Pedestrian/Cyclist Bridges. We can deliver multiple spans with Engineer Certification to your site and install, or your day works crews can install.

New Easy Install Means Less Erosion.

Once the bridge foundations are in place, the bridge can be dropped in using 8 bolts, no additional work is required. This means you can move the bridge modules around to other sites as needed. We have found there is far less disturbance to the banks (and erosion) if bored foundations are used with hardwood CCA treated piles. These are then just checked out at the top and the modules slotted in and bolted straight to the piles.

Ipswich City Council impressed with simplicity.

A recent visit with a portable demo bridge to Ipswich City Council resulted in their Engineers impressed that they will no longer need to have every bridge or river crossing individually designed. Robinson Bridges can be mass-produced and transported. They can now effectively buy 1 or more “off the shelf”.

Bundaberg likes drop-down sides.

Discussion this month with Bundaberg City Council Engineers showed an unexpected advantage of the Robinson Bridge. Both handrails can be opened out and then put back vertically, to allow wide loads (e.g. maintenance vehicles) to pass over the bridge avoiding costly cranes. The bridge is loaded to 20Kn (2 tonnes).

Rust proofing options available for coastal sites.

The 2-pack epoxy is being successfully used in many port locations like Gladstone, and has a 25-year maintenance free design life.