Robinson Bridge Design

Why build a Robinson bridge?

Patented Certified Design

Sustainable materials

Attractive, low maintenance

Meets all Australian Codes

30 yrs experience

The problem

Robinson Bridge Design

Flooding often caused bridges to be broken or even lost and adjacent properties were damaged from the bridges blocking up the waterway.

The frangible handrail solution

Minimising repairs to flood damaged bridges and the resultant upstream afflux were at the core of the geometric requirements for Australian Standards Bridge Design Code AS 5100 for pedestrian and bicycle path barriers.

Rising or flood water levels cause debris to be deposited resulting in increase in pressure against the handrail section. The Robinson Bridge design has the structural component fail at a pre-determined load thereby collapsing the handrail section away from the force. In this way, the handrail section can be restored to its original upright position by replacing the component.

With 3 decades of construction experience and years of intensive design work with NJA Consulting Engineers – the Robinson Bridge has been patented, constructed and installed.

Low maintenance AND high strength

With a robust construction of hot dip galvanised steel and F27 hardwood deck, the Robinson Bridge is aesthetically pleasing and available in a range of spans and widths with the smallest cross section handrail. Each Bridge comes with Certified Engineers Designs and may be transported and installed locally, or Robinson Bridges are happy to install and provide experienced quality construction of park works, retaining walls, paths and jetties.

The “green” bridge

No wildlife was harmed in the making of these Bridges! Robinson Bridges are committed to a sustainable environment. Great care has been taken to ensure the hardwood timber used in the decking is obtained only from sustainable forests. Whether sourced locally or imported, the source of the timber is assured.

Then using only non-CCA treated timber handrails, pedestrians can safely use and enjoy the bridges.

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